We advise well-know companies in the property sector regarding the following areas:


Optimization of business processes


  • Goal definirion 
  • Clearly depicting the actual situation
  • Optimising procedures
  • Harmonizing structure
  • Execution


Management organization

  •  Consulting in all questions of 
  •  Commercialization
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Technical building management 



  • Determining key tasks
  • Develop the qualitative goals
  • Develop the quantitative goals 
  • Advice on execution 

Area Management

  • Occupation analysis 
  • Determination of the optimal area structure
  • Allotment of reserve rooms
  • Quality improvement (upgrading)

 EDV-System selectionauswahl

  • Specifications
  • Selection of the appropriate system
  • Project control

Buying and selling property (due diligence check)

  •  Analysing of the rental agreements
  •  Identification of extra costs that cannot be allocated 
  • Estimating an object´s value