Management of Residential Apartments (WEG)

Commercial Services 

  •  Execution of required payments
  •  Booking all monies received and expended 
  •  Promt reclamation od delinquent payments 
  •  Calculation and requesting agreed upon extra costs
  •  Creationd of an economic plan
  •  Creating Assesments accounts also taking into account the
  •  II. BV
  •  Adminstration of collective monies 
  •  Listing the immediate services ยง 35a EStG

Technical Administration

Preparation and approval of craftsmen offers 

  • Bid preparation 
  • Checking the level of offers
  • Conforming with all legal requirements for measuring and testing
  • Completion of maintenance contracts
  • Recommendations for control and maintenance 
  • Maintenance measures
  • Modernisation
  • Invoice and billing control
  • Object inspection 

General adminstration 

Correspondence with owners, renters, authorities, etc.

Advising owners in general matters

Finalization of contracts

  • Insurance
  • Services
  • Provisions (for example electricity)

Assistance at court appearances: control of meeting house rules

Assistance by selling of an apartment 

Insuring the right of participation of every owner 

Circular informations letters 

Regular board pf advisor discussions 

Comducting the owners meeting

correct writing og decisions 

Executing the decisions reached of the owners